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A New Frontier


The 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills allowed the American public to be treated by hemp, a species with over 140 ingredients that can impact the human endocannabinoid receptors in our brain and central nervous systems to provide superior medical outcomes.

Legislation + Big Data + Technology = Opportunity


With the changing legislative landscape, the Brightfield Group predicts CBD to be a $22 billion industry by 2022.

Each cannabis plant has 25 cannabinoids out of more than 140 creating a near infinite number of possible combinations where mix and amounts have been empirically proven to matter (e.g. the ensemble or entourage effect).  

In such a vast ocean we need big data and technology to find effective medical solutions efficiently.

Genetics to Medicine: A New Paradigm of Seed to Sale


Medicine Demands Total Quality in the Supply Chain.

Half of the challenge is knowing which genetics out of the infinite sea affect which conditions.  The other half is producing pharmaceutical grade medicine at scale in an industry in its infancy.

To be successful, one needs to be flawless.

About Flawless Creations

The Problem

  There is a growing and unmet demand for commercial-scale, pharmaceutical-grade CBD.  CBD cultivation and manufacturing has failed to meet this demand due to a fragmented market and lack of secure source supply in the current product cycle.

The Solution is Our Mission

Flawless Creations’ mission is to fill the need for commercially available, pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid-based medicines formulated from empirical evidence and prevailing science.

Our Team

Genetics, Farming, Big Data, Technology

An Overview

  • We approach hemp as a medicine.
  • We are a seed to private-label manufacturer.
  • Ability to conduct clinical trials on animals (UC Davis).
  • Physicians to prescribe and monitor patients under California law.
  • Partners to pursue FDA approval for unique strains/medical delivery system.  

Our Difference

  We are serving our mission through a vertically integrated business model, closing the loop from genetically advanced seed research and development, and controlled-environment agriculture through proprietary formulations, integrated university research, and a diversified and expansive distribution network, including physicians' distribution.

Contact Us

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Flawless Creations

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